We wanted to share our knowledge and offer you that elite BARDOU experience. Managing director, Charlotte Davis, explains further:

“We wanted to create a range of products that not only nourish your hair, but allow you to achieve styling like never before. Shampoos, conditioners and finishing sprays that make you want to swish your hair all day and that others will envy, without that feeling of being over-loaded with hairspray.”

Without wishing to brag, we succeeded.


It’s taken us a long time to perfect our products, but we truly believe that we’ve created a luxury haircare line which really exceeds self-styling expectations – and we want to share this secret with you.

We developed the products ourselves, from our factory in Kent; combining our stylists’ expertise with the best ingredients. From the delicious scent – the brain child thought up by Adee Phelan – to the exclusive components – each product has been carefully formulated with keratin to actively promote volume, shine and condition.

We’ve created six collections: shampoos, conditioners, anti-frizz, repair, volumising and styling – each painstakingly developed to solve your hair hang-ups and headaches.

Overslept? Don’t worry; simply spritz your hair with our Immaculate Spray dry shampoo. Hair spoiled by fly-aways and frizz? Try our Smoothing Vapour. Can’t achieve that tousled look? Become a beach babe with our Texture Mist.


Anyone familiar with high end haircare products will know about keratin – a protein which increases elasticity and possesses protective properties. Keratin occurs naturally in our skin, nails and hair, so it’s no coincidence that it’s the key ingredient in our product range. Helping to rebuild damaged hair fibres, keratin restores and reinforces your locks, leaving them super shiny, soft and well-loved.

BARDOU Luxury Haircare

The keratin also helps protect hair from the harsh elements, making our Repair collection perfect for those wintry months or – should such a thing ever occur – a heatwave.

This special formula enriched with keratin has resulted in a haircare range which allows you to effortlessly transform your hair at home; it may even become your crowning glory

“We all know how lovely it is to go to a salon and have your hair washed, blow-dried and styled by a professional,” Charlotte adds. “You always feel like a goddess.”

“That’s what inspired us. Being able to replicate glamourous looks at home with our luxurious products, means you can look – and feel like a goddess every day.”