The BENEFITS of Keratin

Super-Protein Efficiency – The Benefits Of Keratin For Your Hair

Keratin is a natural protein that can be found in the flat cells of the hair strand and it helps maintain a healthy, strong and elastic hair. Keratin treatments are in high demand in express beauty salons in London or regular hair salons due to the beneficial impact this protein has on the hair’s health.

The best hair salons in London use keratin enriched products and offer keratin treatments, but if you don’t have the time to visit the salon once a week to get your treatment, what other options do you have? Are the express beauty products enriched with keratin really efficient? Does using a shampoo and conditioner based on a keratin formula have real benefits for your hair?

How Does Keratin Work?

Made up of amino acid, keratin can be naturally found in one’s hair, nails and skin. It is produced naturally by the human body but, in time, this process will slow down, leading to dull and frizzy hair. In addition to that, heat, UV radiation and certain styling products can decrease the keratin levels in your hair, making it hard to brush and easy to break. Just like vitamins replenish your body’s resources, keratin enriched hair products have the effect of building up this protein levels in your hair. This process happens in time, if you use these products consistently, just as you take your vitamins more than just one time to see the results.

Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner Benefits

There are plenty of benefits in using keratin enriched products for your hair, even if you do it at home and not in a hair salon.

  • Improved Elasticity And Strength

When you hair loses its elasticity, it becomes easy to break not only when styling it, but also during brushing and washing. The more you expose your hair to UV radiation and heat, the weaker it will become. Keratin shampoos and conditioners counteract this effect, restoring its natural elasticity and strength by adding a supplementary coat to its cuticle. Moreover, keratin also protects your hair against heat and UV radiation, thus preventing future damage.

  • No More Split Ends

Split ends represent hair’s worst enemy. Not only do they ruin your look, but they also speed up the damaging process, making it necessary for you to cut your hair more than you would like to. As keratin has a smoothing and fortifying effect, a hair product enriched with this super-protein will restore split ends in time, enhancing your look and preventing the effect of brittle and unhealthy-looking hair.

  • Tangle-free, Smooth Hair

The most common reason your hair gets tangled is its dryness. It loses more keratin than your body produces and, as a result, it gets brittle and forms knots. Keratin products nourish your hair and improve its elasticity, thus making it easier to comb. And as you brush your hair without pulling it, you also reduce the risk of future hair loss because the scalp and follicles will not be stressed anymore.


Keratin is a super-protein for your hair, nourishing and fortifying it at the same time. This is why at Bardou, all of our express beauty hair products are enriched with keratin, making it easy for you to have a smooth, silk-like and healthy hair. Check out our innovative products and experience the sheer pleasure of looking exquisite.