Welcoming the Bardou Dolls: (Barbie and Ken?)

Here at the Bardou HQ we are super busy as we gear ourselves up to the launch of some new and exciting products ready for the summer and we really can’t wait to share the news with you. A little birdie also tells me that we may have an announcement soon regarding some new salons, so do watch this space!

But even more exciting than this, the Bardou family is proud to announce that it has just expanded by two very happy additions to our stylish crew.

Please welcome our newest @theBardouDolls, Barbie and Ken, also known as Julia and Cosmin.

Social Media on the go


office essentials

Cosmin will be our social media guru and Julia will be assisting him, helping to look after our social media accounts, our blogs, our new and exciting campaigns, those glamorous events that you all love to attend plus the celebs you all love to meet. It will also be their job to ensure that you, our beautiful Bardou dolls, get an every day insight of what’s going on here at The Bardou HQ – so expect some exciting behind the scenes glimpses at what goes on when the curlers are in and the hairdryers are switched on, and that’s just in our MD’s office!



Julia and Cosmin both have impeccable taste in all things related to beauty and fashion, and we have no doubt that they will help us to be even more shiny and stylish. With creative minds and a passion for the finer things in life, we are proud to have them as new and key members of our stylish crew @theBardoudolls.