For ladies who travel

The holiday season is upon us, so Bardou wants to help you pack the glam and style during that all-so-needed getaway. Here are a few things on how to stay on top of the game when travelling…beauty-wise. The rest is up to you.

1. Take care of your skin

When you go on holiday, your skin will be the first to know. Sudden changes in temperature, humidity and long tanning sessions can have dramatic effects on your skin, like rashes, burns, heat allergies and dryness. The key word of every successful journey is moisturise – take your favourite moisturiser with you wherever you go. Stick to what you know and love, and remember that holidays are not a good time to try out new skin products. Keep a nourishing hand cream in your handbag at all times to prevent your hands from drying out. And as always, make sure you pack a high SPF sunscreen that’s suited to your skin type.beach-skin

2. Always leave some extra space in your suitcase for shopping

Holidays are definitely the closest thing to heaven for a shopping lover. Now you finally have the time to go on a looong, guilt-free day at the mall, checking out all your favourite shops and brands. Or maybe you want to go on a little shopping adventure around the local boutiques, in a quest for unique, exotic finds to show off when you get back home. Either way, you don’t want to be faced with that dreadful end of holiday packing session, trying to fit in all your latest acquisitions and sometimes having to leave behind some of the things you brought. Plan in advance and allow some extra space in your suitcase for a stress-free experience.


3. Skip the long styling sessions

You want to make the most of your holiday and the best way to do that is to not spend half of it worrying about your hair. Chances are your locks are going to give you a hard time when travelling due to humidity, perspiration, summer hats and sea salt. It takes on average at least an hour for a full shower&styling session, so cut down on that time by always carrying around a can of dry shampoo. Bardou Immaculate Spray is a perfect choice – it’s enhanced with UV protection, enriched with essential nutrients for texture and volume, and it comes with a summery, cherry fragrance. Just spray in, brush and enjoy your fab hair holiday!



4. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
Most people think of holidays as a time to forget about exercise, healthy eating and nutrition. Right? Wrong. We know you’re sometimes too busy to exercise and you need your sugar fixes to cope with the stress of traffic jams and long days at the office, but now you have no excuse. You’ll be catered for, so you can spoil yourself with loads of exotic healthy dishes, you’ll have time to go on a morning jog on the beach and have relaxing swimming sessions. Indulge in platefuls of delicious exotic fruits and smoothies, and make sure you drink enough water, so you’ll get to feel and look your best on your summer escapade. After all, you want to come back from your holiday feeling confident and healthy, sporting that gorgeous holiday glow; the one thing you don’t want to bring back with you is the annoying extra kilograms that will take months to get rid of.