Why is your hair breaking at roots and how to prevent it?

Hair breakage is the nightmare of any modern woman. It makes it necessary for you to get haircuts more often than you want and it makes it hard to try on new hairstyles. But like any other problem that develops in time, hair breakage has a cause and a solution. Once you discover the cause, you can begin to treat to symptoms. And since BARDOU is your no. 1 expert in beauty and gorgeous hair, we have decided to let you know not only about the possible causes of this problem but also how to prevent hair breakage.

Your hair is breaking at roots because….

You have dry or chemically damaged hair.                              When your hair is lacking the oils and moisture it needs to thrive, it becomes damaged and breaks off easily. Dye, weather conditions and certain hair tools can damage the strands, creating the appearance of frizzy hair. If this is the case with you, we recommend the BARDOU Repair range (Shampoo & Conditioner). Our products are enriched with keratin and have a unique formula that is very efficient in restoring damaged hair.


You have over-processed your hair.


While most of the professional styling products contain elements designed to protect your hair, using the flat iron too often or combining different chemical processes can have devastating consequences. For example, if you bleach your hair and have a perm at the same time, you are hurting it a lot. Our advice is never to combine different chemical treatments for your hair. Also, we recommend using the BARDOU Amplify Mist, an innovative formula enriched with wheat grass, sugar beet, and keratin. The mist will not only protect your hair from heat but will also offer it a glamorous finishing.

You are not eating healthy

Seriously. Your eating habits reflect upon your hair. For example, food items that are rich in sodium can cause your hair to shed and break. Also, sugary products tend to interfere with protein absorption, so this could be the reason why your hair is breaking at the roots. If you want to know how to prevent hair breakage, you should firstly take a good look at your diet.
You get stressed easily

Stress is the disease of our modern times.                                    

We get that it is not something that can be controlled quickly but, when you realize the impact stress has on your hair, you can try to manage it. Avoid playing with your hair in stressful situations and, no matter how difficult your day was, remember to take proper care of your hair in the evening. This means brushing, conditioning, and weekly nutritional hair masks.

You are not brushing properly  

Many women tend to put too much pressure on the hair while brushing. They also use plastic brushes that electrify the hair and make it lose nutrients and oils. We recommend using the BARDOU ceramic brushes, especially the Tangle Genius and the Paddle Brush. Those two brushes were designed to detangle your hair without extra pressure.
If you want to prevent hair breakage at the roots, you have to be very careful about your hair. Brush and style it carefully, offer it the nutrients and oils it needs and add to your diet superfoods that promote good hair health. For more information about hair care, contact us.