The perfect solution to plumper lips – the BARDOU Booster Lip

Sensual lips are the trademark of a woman, and their fullness and texture play a major role in how feminine and youthful she looks. So it comes as no surprise that the beauty icons and sex symbols of every era, from Maryilin Monroe to Angelina Jolie, have one thing in common: a pair of full, seductive lips. Lips that invite kissing. Lips that can be sexual and innocent at the same time like no other body part can. Lips that ask to be listened to, that help a woman carry herself around with confidence and express herself loudly and assertively.

BARDOU knows that full, irresistible lips are not just for movie stars and Miss America contestants. They are for any woman ready to discover her femininity and explore her sensuality. So we have researched, studied and discovered the perfect solution to plumper lips – the BARDOU Booster Lip.

Wear lips that instigate to biting and passionate kisses. Lips that would make Hollywood jealous. Lips that are made for speaking loudly and confidently. Lips that can whisper sensually. Full, plump and magnetic, now as easy as ever with the new BARDOU Booster Lip innovation.

How it works:


The product combines patented oxygen transfer technology with hyaluronic spheres to enhance the volume of your lips while diminishing the lines around the mouth. It offers an instant 20% volume boost and the effect can last up to four days, making it an excellent semi-permanent lip booster option. Ditch lipstick stained teeth and clothes, and long make-up sessions rendered pointless after the first cup of coffee. Ditch painful, unnatural looking lip tattoos. And more importantly, ditch the risks of expensive cosmetic surgery that doesn’t even guarantee the desired results.


Try this nourishing Lip Booster, enriched with delicious, moisturising honey to combine care and make-up in one revolutionary product. Your new secret weapon is a show-stopping smile.
BARDOU Booster Lip – for lips that are asking to be kissed.