Your quest for perfect brows ends here!

If eyes are the window to the soul, than perfectly shaped eyebrows are definitely the best frame for it. They help showcase your every emotion, they accentuate your other features and according to recent studies, they play a crucial part when it comes to facial recognition. A famous online movement (that actually stems from a genuine study at a University in Canada) has well-known celebrities jokingly shown with and without their eyebrows. And it’s probably safe to say that until we saw those images, we never really understood how important eyebrows were to your facial anatomy and expressivity.

These days there seems to be a general fascination with lush, thick brows like the ones expertly sported by young supermodel Cara Delevigne.


But when nature decides to be somewhat less generous with you than it was with Cara, it can cause a great deal of frustration. Well, the make-up industry always seems to have the answer, and as statistics show, eyebrow pencils, brushes and powders have never been more popular. Of course, you can also go to the more extreme end and opt for procedures like eyebrow tattoos or hair implants.

But why does it seem like every time a woman finds a beauty solution for herself, it has to be followed by 100 more problems? Eyebrow make-up smudges, wears off easily and unless you go to a professional artist, it never comes out looking quite right. Cosmetic procedures on the other hand can be quite dangerous, they’re impossibly expensive and they seem a bit too permanent for the ever-present female indecisiveness. So what do you choose between stressful and costly? Between risky and short-lasting?

Well, we think you should choose…neither. Forget about them both and go for something else instead. And yes, there is another option. Here at BARDOU, we’ve researched, discovered and designed a revolutionary product that hits the perfect balance spot between these two extremes. Meet the BARDOU Booster Brow, a miracle gel enhanced with the ultimate Permafix Technology and Hair Fiber Complex that produces hair like fibers to create the perfect brow shape!

The new BARDOU Booster Brow innovation is:

Extremely easy to apply to obtain the perfect shape
Creates hair like fibers that give a natural look
Semi-permanent – can last up to four days
Accessible and affordable

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