Four easy casual looks that are actually insanely HOT

Black, lacy lingerie or backless, low-cut evening dresses. That’s usually the sort of things that come to mind when you think of sex-appeal. And that’s fine – sometimes you want the sort of in your face, daring outfit that screams sensuality. But sometimes you need something more subtle than. Something that oozes and entices, that casually and quietly instigates and intrigues. That ever-so-wonderful look on a woman, when she looks impossibly sexy without the slightest hint that she might have been trying.

Innocent looking, plain white tee

An innocent looking white T-shirt has got something which is not innocent at all, touchability. The puritan white and its plain, unsexual cut, are often balanced out by the cheeky, subtle outline of a white bra. It is a well-known fact that a white tee can emphasize your assets in a way that no low cut dress or top ever could. It’s effortless, heavenly comfy, and it casually gives off a sort of mysterious girl next door vibe.

Summery, flowy sundress

Diaphanous, made of light, flowy materials. Flimsy straps showing off bare shoulders kissed by the sun. The sensual yet tasteful way the dress moves with the hips. It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to summer outfits, men just can’t get enough of women wearing sundresses. They have this pristine air about them, yet the smallest breeze will sometimes lift them up for just a split second, teasingly revealing a bit more skin and then immediately hiding it again.

Man-shirt and jeans

It is no longer a secret that a woman wearing a man-shirt is about as irresistible as it gets! But why is it that this seemingly unfeminine item can create the exact opposite result? Nobody can forget Shania Twain’s iconic clip where she sported, as the lyrics go, “man-shirts, short skirts” and looked positively fabulous. The shirt gives women an empowered, confident demeanour, and yet the curvy female form refuses to be hidden by its straight, manly cut and shows itself in a very subtle way, creating an irresistible mix!

Bohemian crop-top and maxi skirt combo

Whether straight-cut or girly, tight around the waist or sporting a sexy midriff-baring, there’s no getting around it: fashion these days is all about the crop top. Pair it off with a long, flowy skirt with a split side and you’ve got yourself a killer combination that oozes movement and femininity. Because a woman is seldom more beautiful than when she looks dynamic, young and alive. The woman running, swaying, strolling, dancing. This outfit manages to be impossibly provocative, despite showing off very little skin and without being obvious.