How To Protect Your Hair During Summer Holidays At The Seaside?

The summer is a wonderful season that brings with it sunny beach days, fantastic beach parties, romantic barefoot walks on the shore and many bad hair days. Yes, for all the wonderful things summer brings into our lives, there is this annoying disadvantage – frizzy hair. You can enjoy a perfect day at the beach, tanning and sipping cocktails only to have the mood ruined at night when you discover that your hair looks as if it has been fighting in the World War II. So what can you do about that frizzy, dull hair that cannot be styled no matter what you do? How can you get some frizzy hair control so that you can enjoy your seaside holiday and have a fabulous hair at the same time? What is the magical solution that leads from frizzy hair to smooth hair?

Photo credit: The Sand Gypsy

The BARDOU Guide To Frizzy Hair Control
Firstly, there is no magical solution. As with most of the things in life, you have to work for it. The good news is that we will tell you exactly what to do so that you can go from frizzy hair right to smooth hair.

Your hair doesn’t need a tan

You may love the sun, but your hair doesn’t. In fact, the UV rays hurt it a lot, and the heat makes it lose its humidity. As a result, your hair becomes damaged and dry, and you get that frizzy hair look, even after straightening it. So what can you do about it? You don’t have to skip your days at the beach; you just have to be careful. Apply the BARDOU Smoothing Vapour on your hair before going to the beach. The Smoothing Vapour is not only nourishing and keratin-enriched, but it also has UV and heat filters. When arriving at the beach, wrap your hair in a towel and keep it like that. This way you will prevent sun damage and avoid it losing its moisture.

Your hair doesn’t like salt
And, unfortunately, at the seaside, there is a lot of salt and not only in the water. The atmosphere is humid and salty and, in addition to that, the sea breeze dries your hair. This why, when you are at the seaside, you must deeply condition your hair every day. Use plenty of conditioner to make up for the moisture your hair will lose because of the salt and the sea breeze. You can try the Pure Silk BARDOU conditioner and use the Smoothing Vapour afterwards.

Your hair doesn’t need a lot of styling

One of the biggest mistakes women make is trying too hard to style their hair at the seaside. Frizzy hair when curling is a common problem, as is the issue of frizzy hair even after straightening. Of course, you have to style your hair but instead of using the flat iron or the curler, you should choose more natural styles. Your hair is already stressed at the seaside, so when you apply extra heat to it, it will get brittle and damaged. Instead of trying to make those tight curls work, simply blow-dry your hair and use the brush at the same time to style it, then apply the BARDOU Smoothing Vapour. You will get a natural, beautiful look and a shiny, silky hair.
It may be harder to have a perfect look at the seaside, but it is not impossible. You just need to be extra-careful with your hair and use the right frizzy hair remedy products, such as the BARDOU Smoothing Vapour. For more information about this innovative product, we invite you to visit our online shop or contact us in case you have any questions! May you have a happy and stylish holiday!