How to create Blake Lively’s beachy waves

Blake Lively has been in the limelight recently for her fabulous red-carpet outfits, her second pregnancy after marrying the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds and her controversial post on Twitter during the Cannes film festival. But what we love most about the former Gossip Girl star is how she tries to send a positive, empowering message by embracing her naturally curvy figure, her beautiful blonde waves and keeping her make-up on the “less is more” side.


Despite the recent general addiction to hair straighteners and the trend for sleek, tame hairstyles, Blake never shies away from going for full volume and showing off her lush wavy locks.


If you’re a volume geek as well, and you’re still looking for a way to give your hair a boost, BARDOU proposes a no-heat, stress-free, overnight routine to get you hair to look as natural and fabulous as Blake’s.
There are hundreds of tricks in the bag for when you’re trying to get flat hair to fake a fuller look. Back-brushing and finishing up with lots of product is just one example. But there is one easy way to plump up those stubborn locks and achieve a perfectly natural wavy look. Wash your hair before bed and use the BARDOU Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner.



Be careful, if your hair is volume-challenged, you’ll want to use a small amount of conditioner on just the bottom half of your hair, for easy brushing and shine. Apply the BARDOU Amplify mist while you hair is still slightly damp and plump it up from the roots with your fingers. Put your hair up in a high pony tail and let it dry like that overnight. Let it down in the morning and apply dry shampoo – yes, you heard it right. Don’t wait until your hair starts to feel greasy to use dry shampoo because by that time, your hair’s natural oils have already started to sabotage your volume. Instead, coat your hair with a layer of BARDOU Immaculate Spray after it has dried overnight and style with your fingers to prevent flattening it. Use a brush on the surface layer only if necessary, and enjoy your stress-free red carpet waves!