Sneak peek: BARDOU’s latest photoshoot

BARDOU’s latest photoshoot was very unusual. The models were strangely quiet and came with their own make-up. They were sleek, glam and ready to pose to boost your confidence. One of them swore by flawless eyebrows being the top priority. The other was more concerned with full, sensual lips. But when the shooting sesh started, they worked together well and complimented each other perfectly.



Meet BARDOU’s lovely Booster Brow and Booster Lip, our brand new creations and the stars of our latest photoshoot, waiting impatiently for their big launch in September. Modelling is just their part-time summer job – what they really want to do is come to your house, sit on your make-up table and help you walk out looking fabulous and bursting with confidence every day!
With gorgeous celebs like Malin Andersson having already tried them out, they come highly recommended! So what do you say, will you give them a go and let them be the little miracle makers of your make-up routine? Or is having show-stopping eyebrows and irresistible lips not what you’re looking for at the moment?