London Fashion Week – a bagful of essentials

Oh, and again it’s that stylish time of year that us fashion addicts have been waiting for, with what we can only imagine is the same enthusiasm football fans feel when awaiting the World Cup. Running between shows, and meeting tons of amazing people leaves very little time for beauty maintenance, hydration or anything else for that matter. So we’ve put together a list of handbag must-packs, so you can survive LFW looking fabulous and stress-free!

Little built-in mirror: we suggest going for a bag with a strategically placed mirror, for sneaky make-up checks. Stay classy and on top of your looks at all times – no compromises.

Dry shampoo: enjoy yourself, don’t spend ages in the ladies room trying to stay on top of those stubborn locks. You don’t have to use loads of hairspray and compromise on texture either. Keeping a can of Immaculate Spray in your bag and fixing hair mishaps will be one spray away.

Coconut water: it’s the best thirst-quencher, because it replenishes your body’s supply of minerals. Plus it’s nourishing, delicious and great for your skin and hair. Pick your favourite bottle of goodness to take with you. Ours is definitely the new innocent coconut water.

b982552e4ea47e374f7ca0cf252d6c11Professional camera: have your own profi take of the event for your Instagram fans. Every event looks different when it’s captured from your point of view. And it will look even better with a good camera.

Thermal water: spray it on for a quick make-up refresh, skin boost and instant feel-good effect. We recommend Avène’s naturally soothing source for sensitive skin, Thermal Spring Water.

Business cards: you never know who you’re going to run into at this prestigious high-end event. Make sure you have a few business cards handy so you can be prepared for any exciting aquintances.