Mr. & Mrs.

Our favourite BARDOU doll, senior-stylist and full-time dreamer, Victoria is now back from a one month holiday. She’s travelled to Portugal and Italy, taken millions of photos, seen wonderful places and relaxed on the beach by the Mediteranean, but she didn’t bring us any souvenirs. And we’re not mad, no, quite the opposite. Because we know Victoria was busy getting something for herself, something much more important. A gorgeous husband and lifetime partner-in-crime. Yes, she was getting…married.


And now we’ve got something better than souvenirs- loads of wedding photos and juicy honeymoon stories. And a freshly married, happy Victoria, who looks more glowing and smiling than we’ve ever seen her before – apparently, her best look is sun-kissed cheeks and honeymoon-kissed lips. But enough chatter, we’re off to harass her with more questions and love over a glass of bubbly. In the meantime, here’s a lovely shot of our favourite doll, looking absolutely stunning in white, and ready to become someone else’s doll too. For life and better and worse.