Seasonal beauty: Fall lips 101

Autumn may be the most romantic of all seasons, but the change in temperature, humidity and constant wind can make lip care a handful. Here are some must-have products for the most romantic season, and possibly the most sensual part of a woman’s body.


We like the unapologetic, seasonal shape and colour of EOS’ spherical lip balms because they’re so easy to locate in the usual chaos of a bottomless hand bag. This new lip care favourite boasts an organic blend of antioxidants and pampering shea butter and oils, too, for a spa-worthy lip treatment. Plus, it comes in a sizeable chunk of lip care goodness, perfect for smooth, nourished lips for the whole cold season.


Full, sensual lips never go out of style. The Booster Lip, the new lip enhancement revelation from BARDOU, has just been launched. It comes in an irresistible, sleek black and gold tube with a specially designed brush for easy application. It’s semi-permanent, anti-ageing and packed with moisturising honey, so you can greet the seasonal romance with lips that are asking to be kissed.


Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and explore your dark side – dark shades, from edgy black to decadent plum, still dominate the trends for lip make-up this season. Wear it to add contrast to a white, pristine outfit, match it up with seasonal dark mauves and browns, or together with a fully black outfit for a truly seductive, no-apologies look. Our favourite is the MAC deep burnt brown “Bowl me over” shade from the “It’s a strike” collection.