Behind the Scenes with @StylePetal

Ever wondered what goes into making successful beauty and fashion blogs? Well, here at The Bardou HQ, we were lucky enough to gain a glimpse of the work that goes into those stunning photos that keeps us coming back for more.


Primrose Bigwood, aka @StylePetal, invited us to join her on a shoot for an upcoming fashion post. Once we’d made it to our meeting spot she greeted us warmly, chatting away whilst walking to her chosen location for this particular shoot. Though the clothing is evidently the star of the show within fashion blogs, the location is just as important, Primrose prefers a more clean, understated background to ensure our eyes are drawn to the outfit.


Lucky for us, on this particular day London finally had blue skies, although it felt like we were dealing with sub-zero temperatures. Though her expressions within the photos didn’t give anything away, whilst chatting with her about other shoots she had done, I began to realise that behind the scenes isn’t as glamorous as everybody might think. Each shoot might require multiple outfit changes, unfortunately for fashion bloggers changing rooms aren’t portable, leaving restaurant restrooms or the backseat of a car the only option. Not to mention, if the shoot focuses on a formal outfit you may be strutting the London pavements in a ballgown. Standard midday attire. More often than not, Primrose holds this effortless and achievable style; which, along with her bubbly personality, makes herself and her blog approachable and enjoyable for everyone.


Surprisingly, shooting takes longer than you think, one photo can require countless shots, angles and patience. Rather unsurprisingly, Primrose handled it like a pro. Due to the time it takes to get the perfect shots, your hair and makeup have to withstand the elements. The Bardou Booster Brow is the perfect option to keep those unruly brows in place whilst you do your thing. The Booster Lip prevents your lips from becoming chapped in the freezing English weather. If you have flat, lifeless hair then using the Amplify Mist on damp hair is the way to maintain that volume throughout a long day. On the other hand, if you need to tame frizzy or unruly hair, the Smoothing Vapour is your new best friend!

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