Mindfulness Meditation

With every new year comes New Year Resolutions. Here at Bardou HQ, we wanted to share with you one resolution that we’re making this year: to switch off more and live in the moment. Our lives are spent constantly on the go: thinking about what next we have to do, living online, always facing a never-ending to-do list and always being distracted, so taking some time for ourselves is more important than ever. Living in the moment can be hard but there are ways to make it easier for you and mindfulness meditation is one of those.

Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient practice which has only recently been brought to our attention on a global scale thanks to apps like Headspace. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and aware of our surroundings and what we’re doing. There are numerous reasons as to why it’s beneficial to us so we’ve listed a few of them here on the Bardou Blog and given you some tips on how to practice it too below.


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Why it’s good for us:

1. It lowers stress
2. It can make us more self aware
3. It can give us better control over our emotions and behaviours
4. It helps lower the risk of depression
5. It can make you feel more focused and zen
6. It can help re-balance us and get us to know our true selves

All set? Here’s how to practice Mindfulness Meditation:

1. Set aside some time and space
2. Find a position to sit in and get comfortable
3. Begin by observing the present moment as it is. If your attention wanders – which it likely will and that’s ok – gently bring it back to your body and environment.
4. Notice what your body is doing. If you’re on a chair, rest the bottoms of your feet on the floor. On the floor or cushion? Cross your legs comfortably in front of you. Straighten your spine but let it curve naturally and rest the palms of your hands comfortably on your legs
5. Soften your gaze
6. Gently focus on your breathing. Feel the air moving through your body and back out
7. Sit for a few more minutes focusing on your posture, your breathing and the environment before gently lifting your gaze.
8. Notice how your body feels, the sounds around you, your thoughts and emotions

Don’t worry if you don’t feel it ‘clicking’ with you straight away. Although it’s a very simple practice in theory, it isn’t necessarily an easy one! Just keep at it and over time, you’ll feel the results and benefits!

Happy Healthy New Year.


The Bardou Team xx