Hair Trends to Watch | AW17

London Fashion Week may be over but with it came some incredible hairspiration, from sleek ponies to textured and androgynous, there is a hairstyle to suit everyone. Here at The BARDOU HQ we have compiled our favourite looks and how you can achieve them using our products.

Sleek Pony – Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta showcased a simple and classic high fashion hairstyle, though the finish is breathtaking it is surprisingly easy to recreate. Start by straightening the hair from root to ends, then add the BARDOU Smoothing Vapour to take fly-aways and provide shine to the hair. Using a fine tooth combe and smooth hair back and secure into a pony. Wrap a small amount of hair from your pony around the band and secure with a bobby pin. Finish with the BARDOU Finishing Mist to keep hair smooth and in place.

Androgynous – Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang opted for striking results with androgynous hairstyles, think bowl cut meets disheveled pixie crop. This hairstyle is for those of us with  short styles that want to add some omph! Simply prep the hair with the BARDOU Amplify Mist when damp. Leave to air dry, apply BARDOU Texture Mist and work in some texture with fingers to create that tousled look; end with BARDOU Finishing Mist to keep the style flop-proof.

Textured Curls – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein channeled clean simplicity with natural textured curls, this is a perfect option if your curl is natural, however curling with tongs from the root will give the same effect. Run the curls between your fingers and apply the BARDOU Texture Mist to add an extra dimension. Lastly apply some of the BARDOU Finishing Mist and scrunch the curls in your hands to add even more texture.

Volumous Sweeping Fringe – Jason Wu

Jason Wu took us back to the noughties with his replication of the ever popular side-fringe, though Wu cleverly added some volume to give a high fashion edge. To recreate simply part the hair on the far side of your head, section the hair on the fringe side and apply some BARDOU Amplify Mist to the top section and backcomb for some volume. Sweep back into a low pony, making sure to maintain the volume, and apply some BARDOU Smoothing Vapour to tame any fly-aways.

Disheveled Waves – Julien MacDonald
Julien MacDonald sent his models down the runway with a look that can only be describes as beachy waves meets Victoria’s Secret Model, this stunning style is easily replicated using our BARDOU Amplify Rollers. Start by applying some BARDOU Amplify Mist at the roots to prep. Section the hair, starting from the bottom, blow dry a section of hair and roll into the rollers. Continue until the whole head is complete, set with some BARDOU Finishing Spray and leave to cool for 20 minutes, in which time you can enjoy a glass of wine… or two. Once set simply remove rollers and run your hands through the curls to relax them into waves.

Check out our BARDOU Video showing you how it’s done here.