The BARDOU Brow | Loren-Renee


We all love a brow and we all love taking care of our brows, but what about when we want a change? How difficult is it to actually change the shape of your eyebrow without looking like you’ve had bad face lift for a few months. I’ve been wanting mine to have a straighter effect and less arch, it scares me growing them out as i have them tattooed on. It’s going to take forever and a lot of laser, to remove my current shape.

Thank the Brow Gods for this little product.

The BARDOU Brow Booster Gel, gives definition and add thickness wherever you need it. Plus you can add depth to the colour by applying more, it’s a three product in one. Line fill and shade.

I use an angled brush to create my shape, then fill and shade the start of my brow for an ombre effect. I have a lot of brow products one for every shape and effect you can imagine, so its nice that when im going anywhere I only have to take my BARDOU Booster Brow with me and it do everything i ever need!

Its a one step product to heaven.


IMG_0142IMG_0143 Credit to Loren-Renee.