Valentines Hit List

With Valentines fast approaching, many of us will be booking somewhere special for our other half. Here at the BARDOU HQ, we thought it would be helpful for us to do the digging for you. We have found the perfect romantic restaurants for each couple type!




Named ‘London’s most romantic restaurant’, the Proven├žal inspired menu paired with the wood-panelled restaurant or atmospheric conservatory, ooze sophistication. Romantic settings don’t get more over-the-top than this!

OLD SCHOOL COUPLE – Berners Tavern


The most grand of all restaurants on our list, the traditional style menu and huge old school lobby bar, make it the perfect location to rekindle the romance with your long term partner.

FIRST DATERS – Bob Bob Ricard


The most outlandish spot, the 20s inspired decor and eclectic menu provide great conversation starters for those first daters. But if that fails, the ‘press for champagne’ button is likely to give you some liquid courage!

FOODIE COUPLE – Restaurant Story


The only restaurant with more focus on the food rather than the decor, makes it the perfect spot for the foodies out there. The various dishes served are designed not only to please the palette but also tell a story in each bite.

COOL COUPLE – Yauatcha


The most stylish restaurant of them all, the Taipai Tea House styled basement holds a certain sensuality. While the slick, modern features have a certain nightclub feel to them, definitely one for the coolest couples!



Lastly, of course we couldn’t forget and the single ladies out there! The Latin American cuisine, coupled with the intimate bar give it a certain nightclub feel. Perfect for the girlfriends that want to let loose, have fun and find next years Valentine!