BARDOU Celebrates All Things Green | St. Patrick’s Day 2017

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, here at the BARDOU HQ we want to celebrate all things green, being green to be exact! There is a growing awareness of the causes and effects of global warming as well as unethical animal practices, leading many people to opt out of animal products and demand “greener” manufacturing. We are extremely proud that each BARDOU product is made in Britain, Paraben & SLS Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly. – Vutton Tropical

Charrlotte Davis our Co-founder believes it is important to us that our products be “Made in Britain” for a number of reasons! We know that we are supporting British manufacturing, ensuring the quality of our products is of the highest standard, and ensuring fair working standards are practiced in order to protect staff. But of course one huge upside is the added Green bonus, because products have to travel smaller distances it reduces our carbon footprint!

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For us “being green” doesn’t stop at protecting the environment, but also protecting our body from harmful substances. All BARDOU products are Paraben and SLS (Sulfate) Free! What many people don’t know is that these are chemicals found in most beauty products, Parabens are used to protect products from bacteria and Sulfates are added for effective cleansing and to help products lather. But what you aren’t told is the potentially harmful effects of these chemicals! Studies have linked these chemicals to certain cancers, though there is still no scientific evidence to back this up we would rather not take the chance and we know our customers wouldn’t either. Not to mention that Sulfates actually dry out hair and strip colour, but the aim of our BARDOU haircare range is to nourish and revive hair!

The protection of animals is something else we feel very passionate about, animals abuse laws don’t apply to lab animals, so we ensure that all BARDOU products are Cruelty Free! There is really no reason to test on animals, there over 7000 safe ingredients to choose from when formulating and there are technological ways to test all products. So even with our cruelty free guarantee you know all of our products are still completely safe!

“As certified beauty junkies ourselves, we know that being green extends to an overhaul of all our beauty products, as only a handful are likely to be free of animal byproducts. One of those few is BARDOU! We pride ourselves on catering for all, not only in regards to hair types but also beliefs. Just because you make a decision to become Vegan, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality of your beauty products!” Charrlotte Davis – Co-Founder