Charrlotte Davis | The BARDOU

Charrlotte Davis – The BARDOU
What makes The BARDOU different from your competitors?

The BARDOU for me was about getting that luxury salon experience at home using products that are born and bred in the UK. Affordable, easy to use luxury hair and beauty products. I wanted to make products that did what they said, long lasting and high quality products that look as good as they feel to use! I worked hard to create a range of products that tackle different concerns for all women….

How important is it to you that your products are cruelty-free?

I am a lover of animals, having three dogs myself that I love dearly. I can not imagine any harm coming to any of them or the thought of them having to endure the experiments that animals in labs experience.

There is no real justification for animal testing, especially for cosmetics, when we have so many already classified safe ingredients that we can use in our products.